Yoga Socks – Non Slip, Non Skid, Slip Resistant Toeless Grip Sock for Women & Men Doing Yoga and Pilates


    • INVEST IN YOURSELF: feet are the foundation of everyday performance. Invest in toeless yoga socks now to instantly improve your grip, comfort, balance, and safety.
    • GRIP LIKE A PRO: engineered with anti-slip grips on the ball, arch, and heel, you'll be able to feel each yoga pose more fully. Your fellow yogis will notice the difference, so prepare for compliments on your new socks.
    • PERFORM BETTER: our socks are toeless to unleash the power of the whole foot. Imagine being able to spread your toes fully, weight evenly distributed, all with the structure of a well-designed sock. Created with input from real students and instructors, these socks are made by yogis, for yogis.
    • STOP INFECTION: bare feet leave you vulnerable to fungal infections and lack protection, which can lead to injury. Regular socks can't breathe and trap moisture, which also leads to infection. So invest in our socks now, and prevent pain down the road. Now's your chance to take care of your one-and-only pair of feet.
    • PERFECT FIT, GUARANTEED: with 4 different sizes, there's something for everyone. And this is a no-risk purchase. If you're not satisfied with your pair any time 60 days from purchase, we'll refund your order. Women's small = 7,5-9,5 and Women's medium = 8,5-10,5. Men's small = 6,5-8,5 and Men's medium = 7,5-9,5.

    Product Description


    Let me tell you a story...

    Like you, I love yoga and the community that comes with it. There's nothing else like it.

    But sometimes, I'd slip on my mat. Certain positions would leave the soles of my feet aching for days! My instructor suggested yoga socks. I tried them, but wasn't satisfied. The grips on the sole weren't comfortable and the sock kept slipping down my foot. With no other options, I designed the perfect yoga sock from scratch with input from fellow students and instructors.

    After months of testing and development, DYAM YOGA socks were born. Here's what you get by investing in a pair now:

    + PERFECT GRIP. Anti-slip sections on the ball, arch, and heel to boost performance.

    + TOELESS. Frees your toes for heightened sensation and balance.

    + HEALTHIER. Bare feet and regular socks leave you vulnerable to fungal infection.

    + COMFORTABLE. Our premium cotton blend hugs your feet and wicks away moisture.

    + MADE FOR YOU. Designed by yogis, for yogis. It shows in every stitch.


    If you're not 100% happy with your purchase, let us know and we'll refund your entire purchase price.

    So hit "Add to cart" now to improve your yoga practice forever!

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