WOSS AttacK Trainer Made in USA – Best PRO Trainer System with Rubber Grips


    • WOSS Professional grade System - Made in the USA, using 1st Grade US Military Webbing. This Trainer comes with Rubber Sleeve Grips usually only found on $200+ Trainers - Ours come with extra strong cores.
    • WOSS Trainers are strong enough for anyone working out with them!! This Suspension System takes PRO Trainers to a new level - for an unbelievable low price - by the Best Trainer makers - WOSS! Using WOSS Trainers makes training fun.
    • The Center Strap goes through our WOSS D-Ring which makes this Trainer more instable than other systems out there. This will give you the results you are looking for in no time at all! Though sawing exercises are possible we discourage you from performing them. These are exercises where the Center Strap slides under heavy load back and forth over the WOSS D-Ring - it will fray the webbing prematurely.
    • The Anchor Strap with built-in Door Anchor is perfect for branches, rafters, open beams, even a door. Take it to your local Gym and anchor it to their bar - fast and easy. Each handle is made with 3/8" black cord, 1-3/8" Rubber Sleeve Handle and with a 1-1/2" wide soft foot loop for easy and comfortable support.
    • This system comes with our "FULL BODY QUICK START EXERCISES" sheet demonstrating 18 exercises to get you started right away. No shiny boxes here. No DVDs to collect dust. Just what you need - First Class Equipment; Made in the USA.

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