Rife Two Bar Hybrid Blade Heel Shafted Putter (Right Hand)

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  • Rife Two Bar Hybrid Blade Heel Shafted Putter has a custom dual-textured Winn AVS grip, extruded (no seam) stepless steel shaft, a set of 12.5- and 20-gram rear weight screws, an Allen wrench adjustment tool, a LieAlign bending tool, and custom head cover
  • Blade features Rife's patented RollGroove Technology, Twin In-Line Moment of Inertia (MOI), Dual Response (DR) insert technology, the LieAlign Fitting System, and Adjustable Speed Weighting
  • Body constructed of 431 stainless steel with a "Dual Response" face insert constructed of 6061 CNC milled anodized aluminum fused to high durometer polymer with rear weights of milled 303 stainless steel
  • Mallet's head weight can be adjusted from 320 grams (no weights) to 360 grams to best suit the conditions of the green, and LieAlign tool allows you to adjust your putter to your natural setup position
  • With a Lie angle of 70 degrees, 2-degree loft of head, 1.5-degree loft to shaft angle, 90 percent face balanced (slightly toe down) shafting, and 1/2 shaft offset

Product Description

In golf, the word Hybrid has become synonymous with a class of game improvement clubs that is a cross between an iron and a metal wood. Hybrids combine the best or most playable aspects of each. Hybrid, by definition is: anything derived from heterogeneous sources, or composed of elements of different or incongruous kinds. Rife putters, is now introducing the worlds first hybrid putter, the TwoBar Hybrid Mallet. This putter is a combination of elements taken from the 2007 Golf Magazine Mallet of the Year Island Series Barbados, and the even-more-successful original TwoBar putter. The most distinct features and performance benefits from both models have been blended into one new spectacular design that is a game improving hybrid product in every sense of the word. The new TwoBar Hybrid features Rifes patented RollGroove Technology TwoBar Alignment, Twin In-Line Moment of Inertia (MOI), Dual Response (DR) insert technology, the LieAline Fitting System, and adjustable Speed Weighting.


The Rife Two Bar Hybrid Blade combines the most distinct and performance-enhancing features of the original Two Bar Putter with a classic blade design. Featuring Rife's patented RollGroove Technology, Twin In-Line Moment of Inertia (MOI), Dual Response (DR) insert technology, LieAlign Fitting System, Adjustable Speed Weighting, and Two Bar precision, the Two Bar Hybrid Blade is one of the most forgiving, stable, best rolling, and feeling putters on the market.

Two Bar Hybrid technology has taken game improvement and performance to a whole new level so players of all abilities can take control of their game. Rife adjustable speed weighting allows you to adjust the head weight to best suit the green you are on, as well as to change the heel toe weighting as needed. The Rife Two Bar Hybrid Blade comes with two sets of steel weight screws, a 12.5-gram pair and a 20-gram pair, allowing you to adjust the head weight from 320 grams without any weighting up to 360 grams with the heaviest weights. The included LieAlign adjustment tool allows you to adjust your putter to your natural setup position for improved consistency on every shot.

Made of the best materials available, the Hybrid Blade's body is constructed of cast 304 stainless steel. The "Dual Response" face insert of 6061 CNC milled anodized aluminum fused to high durometer polymer both cushions the ball at impact for greater accuracy and gives you the benefit of RollGrooves maintained by the aluminum face. The putter's rear weights are constructed of milled 303 stainless steel. The Blade is also equipped with a custom dual-textured Winn AVS grip and an extruded (no seam) stepless steel shaft, and it comes with an Allen wrench adjustment tool and a custom head cover with a zipper weight pocket.

Two Bar Alignment System:
The unique Two Bar Alignment System on Two Bar putters improves a player's aim without making any changes to the player's setup. The Two Bars frame the ball and create a railroad track effect that leads directly to your target and which makes aiming your putter correctly second nature.

Adjustable Speed Weighting:
Having a well-balanced, properly weighted putter is essential to giving you the connection to the ball that makes it easy to judge distance and break. The Rife Two Bar putters come equipped with removable cylinders in the back of the two bars that allow you to customize your putter to match the speed and conditions of the greens you are on--or to simply adjust the overall feel of your putter. The Two Bar putter can be adjusted to change either the overall weight or the heel toe weighting depending on your needs. If you are missing putts to the right of the hole, try a lighter weight in the toe/outside bar and vice versa if you are missing putts left of the hole.

LieAlign Fitting System:
The LieAlign Custom Fitting System helps golfers of all skill levels develop a more consistent and repeatable stroke path for more accurate hitting. Great golfers never change their setup position when putting because they know that you cannot have a consistent and repeatable stroke path if your spine angle, hand position, or ball position is changing from one putt to another. However, many amateur golfers struggle to get in a natural and athletic setup position because they do not have enough time to practice and their putter is not properly fitted to them. Not to mention, when it gets late in a round, golfers tend to start getting tired so their setup position changes without them even knowing it.

The LieAlign System offers a built-in feedback mechanism that uses a vertical notch to tell you when you are in the correct position every time you hit a putt. The LieAlign Bending tool adjusts the lie angle of your Two Bar Hybrid so each time you set up over the ball you see the full white line through the vertical notch, enabling you to adjust your Two Bar Hybrid to your natural setup position. This customized adjustment ensures that you are tension free at address, and within a single round of golf you will begin developing a more repeatable and natural stroke path. This will give you more confidence and allow you to make more putts than you ever thought possible.

RollGroove Technology:
Conventional putters chip the ball out of its depression with four to six degrees of loft, creating a slight backspin until the ball hits the ground and the friction of the grass causes the ball to skip or skid before it begins its true forward roll. By contrast, Rife putters feature precisely milled and spaced grooves that grip, hold, and release the ball into an immediate forward roll, eliminating the skipping and skidding created by traditional putters, for a more consistent and accurate roll on every stroke with less loft (1.5 to two degrees compared to the four to six degrees of loft on a conventional putter). Without the grooves holding the ball through the depression, the ball would slide up the face (like it does with a traditional flat face putter) losing energy and creating very inconsistent distance control. With RollGroove Technology, the effects of grass grain on your ball are greatly reduced because the ball is not skipping or skidding (high friction) but rolling immediately (low friction) so your ball will hold the line better and your reads will be truer.


  • Custom Dual Textured Winn AVS grip
  • Extruded (no seam) stepless steel shaft
  • Two sets of rear weight screws 12.5 grams and 20 grams
  • Allen wrench adjustment tool
  • LieAlign bending tool
  • Custom head cover with zipper pocket for weights


  • Body: 431 stainless steel
  • "Dual Response" Face Insert: 6061 CNC milled anodized aluminum fused to high durometer polymer
  • Rear Weights: Milled 303 stainless steel


  • Head weight with light weights: 345 grams
  • Head weight with heavy weights: 360 grams
  • Lie Angle: 70 degrees
  • Loft of Head: 2 degrees
  • Effective Loft: 1.5 degree loft to shaft angle
  • Shafting: 90 percent face balanced (slightly toe down)
  • Offset: 1/2 shaft

What's in the Box?
Assembled Two Bar Putter, two sets of rear weight screws, Allen wrench adjustment tool, LieAlign bending tool, custom head cover with zipper pocket

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  • Item model number: HYBL-HEEL PUTTER
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