Mr. Rockneck Double Chin Eliminator

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    THIS IS A FILL WITH YOUR OWN ROCKS PRODUCT: Also available with other logos Rock Jaw Boxing Rock Jaw MMA Miss Rockneck The Mr. Rockneck Double chin eliminator. Many people are using Mr. rockneck to strengthen their jaw muscles, tone sagging neck and widen the size of their neck for a masculine appearance. Great for boxers,MMA fighters or anyone ! The exercise also increases bone density,strengthens teeth and stimulates the brain. In keeping ourselves physically fit, we seldom think of exercising our cranio-facial musculature. In the gym, people exercise all their muscles except the cranio-facial complex. Modern food is often heavily processed and, as a result, too soft. Mashed potatoes, pancakes, pasta, bread, or grated vegetables do not pressure on our teeth resulting in the development of low bone density in our jaw bones and teeth. Use of Mr. Rockneck can greatly improve your oral and overall health. Just insert the mouthpiece in your mouth; let the rock bag hang in front of you and lift your head up and down or side to side for repetitions. Make your neck and jaw rock solid with Mr. Rockneck!

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