Lower Back Stretcher with Acupressure Nubs by Acupoint. Excellent Lumbar Support, Mild Spinal Decompression. Best for Chronic Back Pain, Sciatica, Stenosis and Herniated Disc Pain.

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  • PUT AN END TO CHRONIC BACK PAIN: If you have tried everything from pills to heating pads and nothing seems to relieve that lower back pain, look no further than this superior lower back stretcher. Suitable for people suffering from herniated discs, scoliosis, stenosis and arthritis, this unique stretcher provides spinal decompression and relieves tension from the discs and nerves, so that you can finally enjoy pain-free days!
  • IMPROVE YOUR POSTURE: Use this lower back stretcher to softly extend your lumbar and sacral area or even to release tension from your feet by simply stepping on it. Made from thick foam, that is soft, yet firm enough to provide adequate lumbar support, this genius device will help you dramatically improve your posture
  • ALL IT TAKES IS 5 MINUTES A DAY: Why spend tons of money on prescription pills and expensive visits to chiropractors, when you can have reliable results by spending only 5 minutes a day to relax on your lower back stretcher? Simply lie on your lower back stretcher and feel your vertebrae stretch smoothly, as the muscles on your lumbar area regain their flexibility.
  • TAKE YOUR BACK STRETCHER ON THE GO: Compact and lightweight, this acupressure massage stretcher can easily be packed and carried with you at the office, on holiday or in the car, so you can have it with you everywhere you go!
  • GET IT WITH CONFIDENCE: Backed by a 30 day money back guarantee, you can now get your new lower back stretcher with peace of mind! Order yours today, before they're gone!

Product Description

Relieve That Chronic Back Pain with the #1 Lower Back Stretcher by Acupoint

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Are you tired of compromising your daily activities because of acute pain?

Would you like to know an effective solution to lower back pain that will offer immediate spine decompression and tension release?

Acupoint lower back stretcher is carefully designed to provide relief from back soreness by allowing the muscles to stretch comfortably. The spine extends softly and all that accumulated tension disappears.

Invest In a High Quality Lower Back Stretcher That Will Last

Spending tons of money on expensive stretchers that break after a few weeks can be frustrating. Invest in a high quality lower back stretcher made of durable materials, designed to outlast all others.

Made of thick foam, this lower back stretcher is soft, yet firm enough to provide adequate lumbar support, while the acupressure nubs will give you a nice massage, better and more effective than any massage pillow or chair!

Immediate Spine Decompression On the Go!

If you're suffering from herniated discs or stenosis you already know how difficult every day chores can be.

Acupoint lower back stretcher has thoughtfully designed this device to be completely portable, so you can take it with you in the car, at the office, on holiday or all your business travels and offer yourself immediate back pain relief, when you need it the most.

All It Takes Is 5 Minutes of Your Time!

Save yourself the expensive visits to specialists and take best care of your lower back at home.

Simply, lie on your stretcher for 5-10 min. every day and notice the amazing results on your body!

Make It Yours Today

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