6 lbs Comfort Fit Ankle Weight Sets – Strap style – ²SZ1CZ


    • CHOOSE BETWEEN 2 ANKLE WEIGHT TYPES FOR YOUR NEEDS: Neoprene fabric which makes them comfortable to wear with iron powder inside OR breathable Nylon fabric with removable weights inside designed for comfort and durability
    • EASY ADJUST VELCRO STRAP: Secure D-ring and a large Velcro band provide a greater fit for ankles and wrists for your ankle weight / wrist weight
    • PERFECT FOR FITNESS, CARDIO EXERCISES OR PHYSICAL THERAPY: Add more resistance and challenge to increase lower body strength, rehabilitate muscles, improve balance, and coordination for physical therapy, home workouts, walking, jogging, core training, CrossFit, aerobics, gym and many other fitness exercises
    • VARIOUS WEIGHTS: Grey: 2 lbs (1 lb each), Lime Green: 3 lbs (1.5 lbs each), Light Blue: 4 lbs (2 lbs each), Dark Blue: 5 lbs (2.5lbs each), Black - Adjustable: 6 lbs (3 lbs each), Black: 10 lbs (5 lbs each)
    • COME IN A PAIR of Ankle/ Wrist Weights for Seniors, Women, Men - great for anyone

    Product Description


    Yes4All serves you the best with TWO different kinds of Ankle Weights
    • Non-removable Ankle Weights are covered with soft elastic Neoprene fabric providing the best comfort to your skin while absorbing moisture and sweat quickly. They also come with adjustable Velcro band to ensure a customized fit to your ankles, thus prevent bouncing during practice.
    • Ankle Weights with removable weights are covered with Nylon fabric for comfort and durability. The ankle weight comes with a metal D-ring and an adjustable Velcro band to allow a comfortable and snug fit.
    • INCREASE OUTPUT: Enhance the variety of exercises and help you to step up your workout routine.
    • VERSATILE: You can corporate this ankle weights into your daily exercises like Running, Leg lifts, Bicycle Crunches, Leg Extension, Pull ups, Aerobic and many more. Or use them for physical therapy, home workouts, walking, jogging, core training, CrossFit, aerobics, gym and many more.
    • MULTI USE: Can be attached to ankles, wrists for maximum performance.


      Neoprene Ankle Weight
      Grey - 1 lb. Each (2 LBS TOTAL)
      Lime Green - 1.5 lbs. Each (3 LBS TOTAL)
      Light Blue -2 lbs. Each (4 LBS TOTAL)
      Dark Blue - 2.5 lbs. Each (5 LBS TOTAL)

      Adjustable Ankle Weights:
      Black - 3 lbs. Each (6LBS TOTAL)

      Be careful and consult doctors if you have frequent lower body pain during exercise.

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